OPST Experiences

At OPST, we are committed to celebrating and expanding the use of Skagit Tactics through the design of innovative products. And what better place to enjoy these products than at some of the world's best fishing lodges? We are dedicated to helping you plan the fishing trip of a lifetime. Our destinations have been chosen based on the outfitters' familiarity with and excellence in swing fishing. At OPST, we speak Skagit. And so do our lodges and outfitters.

Our Story

OPST was founded in 2011, but our roots go back to the very beginning of Skagit casting, in the late 80s and early 90s. Our founder, Ed Ward and Jerry French, have been at the forefront of Skagit Tactics ever since. In 2019 we began hosting and booking trips to a very select collection of lodges and outfitters around the world. It is our mission to help you plan and experience the trip of a lifetime, armed with the best gear in the industry.

Meet the Team

OPST is a small company that has made its mark on the fly fishing industry through innovation and service. Here are the three main peopleĀ  you will be communicating with.


Ben Paull

Owner/General Manager

Social media manager, writer, video editor, travel specialist.


James Millard

Operations Manager

Fly tier, event planner, customer service rep, answerer.


James Iwase

Owner/Jack of All Trades

Finance to distribution to trash collection. Good luck charm on the river.

Contact Us Today!

To hear more about OPST or about any of our trips, email us at or call 206-257-3925.