The Olympic Peninsula represents perhaps the best remaining fishery in the lower 48 in which to catch large steelhead on a swung fly. Six unique rivers, expert guides, and miles and miles of perfect swinging water are what Jack Mitchell and The Evening Hatch have to offer. While fish do not come easily, they are there, and they are often aggressive to a swung fly. The key is persistence–fishing the water in front of you, diligently, all day. Multiple days are highly recommended for this fishery, both to take advantage of the four rivers within a half hour, and to increase the odds that you will encounter a good weather window. While you should expect to work hard for each fish, you should fish with the confidence, and the excitement, that a fish of a lifetime probably swims up any given run every week. And at times, if you hit it right, you can encounter multiple fish in a given run. Your guides will put all their knowledge and hard work to bear to put you on such runs, day after day.

Amongst OP locals, 20 pound fish don't even raise eyebrows. 30 pounders are caught by sport anglers nearly every season. But OP steelhead of every size are magnificent to behold, and each one is special. Absolutely chrome, hot off the tide fish are the norm here, and every fish will test your tackle and your stamina. OPST has decided to work with Jack Mitchell because of his deep knowledge of the area, and the overall smoothness of his operation.


The Quinault Lakeshore Cabin is about a two and a half hour drive from SeaTac airport. If you are coming in from out of state, Evening Hatch staff will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the lodge.


•Day trip: $595 per boat for two anglers—$297.50/person

•Overnight packages, with lodging at The Quinault Lakeshore Cabin: $545 per person per night based on double occupancy. All food and drinks, including alcohol is provided.

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